We make innovative products for the gaming community.

Our history as a proven manufacturer of high quality products is well known and will fit your

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Product Quality

We spend a lot of time designing the hardware for our products.

Hardware is the first thing that the end user sees but if it doesn't work correctly then what's the point? Hardware and Software needs to go hand in hand in order for the end product to hold any value for the end user, so that is why we put a lot of energy on the software side as well with future software support via firmware updates, free of course.


We make all of our products with some heavy thought behind it. We know that the end user want the product to work as specified and also be easy to install. Creating user friendly products is something we take very serious.

  • Easy installation of all products.
  • Thorough explanations of everything on the support pages.

Firmware Updates

All of our products that use any type of software are freely upgradable with new updated firmware if we release it, for example if there is a problem with how a product works or if new features are added.

Downloading and installing software easy and works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Help will all of this is in the firmware section.


If you have any questions about any product then our support pages will help you. The support pages are written thoroughly so that it explains everything as easy as possible.

If you for some reason can not find the answer in the support pages then we can try and help you if you contact us via the contact page.

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Akicus (Akishop-Customs) is a company that strive to develop interesting products for the gaming community. We try to see where we can offer a better solution for a common problem.